Easily Transfer Files Between Different Cloud Services with Mover


We’ve covered a web app a while ago called MyBackupBox that helps you back your cloud data by moving them from one service to another. Now it’s being migrated to Mover, a cloud platform that does almost the same as MyBackupBox, moving files between different cloud services, with more features. If you have an account with MyBackupBox, you can use the same credential to log into Mover.

Mover - Google Chrome_2013-09-23_07-23-49

Maybe you have different reasons why you need to switch cloud service provider, maybe you don’t. But using one cloud service to back up data in another cloud service is not only interesting but also inspiring. The idea of backing up data directly between two cloud service without using a local storage as a mid-ware bridge would save us a lot of time. And with Mover’s scheduling and backup feature, we can do that easily with a few clicks in our browser.

Once you signed in, you will be redirected to its control console where you can launch a new transfer, make or update a schedule, or monitor the transfer activities. Simply click Add New Source button and Add New Destination button to select the cloud services to transfer the data.

Mover to move data between two different cloud service
Mover to move data between two different cloud service

And you can choose to do the transfer right away or at a later time. Simply click Right Now or Schedule Later in the middle between source and destination to switch.

Mover - create a schedule for later
Mover – create a schedule for later

Mover supports not only many of the cloud services that are currently popular in the market, such as Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, or SkyDrive, but also a lot of different transfer protocols like FTP, WebDav, and MySQL. All added connections will be securely saved within your account.

Mover - supported cloud services and protocols
Mover – supported cloud services and protocols

Signing up with Mover is free. And you will get $10 of credit for free with signup. The credit will give you about 10G of data cap to move between the cloud services. Once you ran out of the credit, you will have to buy more using PayPal or a valid credit card. Basically, it’s a Pay As You Go model for individual users at a price $1 per GB with minimum at 10G, which is fairly reasonable. But they do offer differently for enterprise users. You will need to call or email them to get a quote if you are interested.


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