Encrypt Your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive Cloud Data with nCryptedCloud


When it comes to protecting the data you saved on the cloud, encryption is arguably the only solution that works. But since most of the cloud providers, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, don’t offer an encryption feature as their standard cloud feature on their cloud server farm, the encryption has to be done on the client side by a 3rd party encryption software.

nCrypted Cloud Logo - Encrypt Your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive Cloud Data with nCryptedCloudnCrypted Cloud is one of those on the market that makes this complicate process a very easy job for you to encrypt the files and folders stored on the cloud. With a simple click, you can easily encrypt and decrypt any files and folders stored under your Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive folder.

Installation and setup

Download the client tool from its download page, and install it on your Windows computer. Once the installation is done, follow the instructions to get set up with an nCrypted Cloud account. Once that’s done, the tool will scan your computer to find all supported Cloud providers you have installed and switch them all in nCrypted Cloud mode, meaning all folders will be shown under nCryptedCloud folder instead.

nCryptedCloud Folder Structure - Encrypt Your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive Cloud Data with nCryptedCloud

How to use it?

First of all, even though your cloud folders are listed under nCryptedCloud folder your data is kept intact. Nothing gets encrypted automatically unless you tell so.

Right-click the files or folders you want to encrypt, and choose Private.And from this point on, the files or folders you select will be encrypted with your account password used as the key.

nCrypted Cloud Context Menu - Encrypt Your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive Cloud Data with nCryptedCloud

A blue lock icon displayed at the top corner of the files and folders indicates that the encryption policy has been applied to those files and folders. The encrypted data is done on both client and the server end.

Also note that, any new files added to the encrypted private folder will be encrypted automatically.

You can Remove Private the same way as Make Private to decrypt the files and folders.

Access from anywhere

Not only does nCrypted Cloud support Windows, but also multiple mobile platform as well, allowing you to securely view and access your encrypted files from any mobile devices at any time. You can download its app from Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Cloud Portal

nCrypted Cloud has a quite powerful cloud portal that once linked can let you access all your supported cloud data from one single place.

nCrypted Cloud Cloud Portal 600x410 - Encrypt Your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive Cloud Data with nCryptedCloud

Not only that, it also contains a full list of auditing history showing what’s been encrypted and decrypted, when it happened and who has accessed to them. A very detailed report that might come handy one day, when needed. Just click that storage icon next to Home to see what’s happened.

nCrypted Cloud Cloud Portal auditing - Encrypt Your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive Cloud Data with nCryptedCloud


Overall, nCrypted Cloud seems to be a well crafted tool that secures your cloud data in a very intuitive way with only need one mouse click. It’s secure because it uses Industry Standard Encryption Technology (AES 256-bit encryption) to secure your data on both ends with a very detailed auditing history. It’s accessible because it’s available not only on Windows but also on mobile platforms including iOS and Android. I particularly like it’s cloud portal because it can also be my all-in-one spot to access all my cloud data across my several cloud providers.

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