eToolz Wraps Up the Most Used Network Tools into One Place


eToolz is a portable network collection tool that brings probably the most useful network or web tools into one place. The network tools included in this tool are:

  • DNS query
  • Ping
  • Trace
  • Whois
  • Mail-Check
  • HTTP-Header
  • Time
  • PageRank
  • Lists, and
  • IPConfig

Each tool occupies one tab in the tool, and displays the information at the bottom.


If you experienced something weird, you may want to change the DNS server in the tool to use a public DNS like Google OpenDNS and run the tool again. A lot of times, a wrong or slow DNS could give you trouble getting the right information off the tool. It might be a good idea just switch to, which is Google’s DNS before performing any check.


When I opened the tool the first time, it opens in Deutsch. If that’s not your home language, you can switch it to English from Extras dropdown menu at the top. It’s got quite a few language options there.


One thing worth noting is that some of these built-in tools also have an online version that you can use directly from your browser, for example, NS-Lookup, Whois, HTTP-Header, Google PageRank and MailCheck.

eToolz also has a professional version to offer that has a few more features added. You can directly email them for an inquiry about the professional license.



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