Exclusive IE 9 Windows 7 Feature – Tab Aero Snap


When Windows 7 was out last year, one of the cool feature is Aero Snap, allows user to have two window open side by side. Although, you can do this to almost any window application in Windows 7, you can’t do it with an individual tab in a browser. With IE 9 Microsoft has extend this feature to support Aero Snap with any Tab

Microsoft claim IE 9 is the first browser that allows user to compare tab side-by-side. It’s true that you can’t snap a tab in Firefox and make it two tab side-by-side, unless you make the tab into a single window first. In IE 9, Microsoft has made it integrated with Windows 7 natively so you can drag the tab out and snap it to either side of the window.

For IE9, we wanted to extend that ability to tabs in the way that people understand today. With IE9’s integration with Windows 7, a tab behaves like a window where you can snap it to the side of a screen for a side-by-side view of web content.

aero tab snap - Exclusive IE 9 Windows 7 Feature - Tab Aero Snap

Tab Aero Snap, works just the same as normal Aero Snap for any other application. The only difference is that you can drag the Tab in IE 9 and snap it rather then a separate window.

chromeaerosnap - Exclusive IE 9 Windows 7 Feature - Tab Aero SnapHowever, Chrome has already had this feature implemented and it supports not only Windows 7 but all other Windows versions as well. You can drag out a tab in Chrome and when you drag it near either side of the browser an icon for spilt the screen will appear. So which one works better? Let’s hear your thoughts.



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