Find Out Your Disk Read and Write Speed


Crystal Disk Mark is a freeware that allows you to measure the read and write speed of your hard drive, USB stick, SSD, SD card etc. Very useful tool when you try to decide which hard drive or machine to buy.

Key Features

  • Sequential reads/writes
  • Random 4KB/512KB reads/writes
  • Text copy
  • Change dialog design
  • internationalization (i18n)

harddrivespeedtest2 thumb - Find Out Your Disk Read and Write Speed

It will do 3 different test with a combination of sequential and random accessing of your disk. It test the read and write speed as measured in MB/s. It is no surprise that hard drive is good at sequential and accessing large file. The above image is from a 640 GB HDD, if you have a SSD you will see a significant improvement in both sequential and random accessing speed.

Give it a try yourself and find out how fast your disk is.

Download Cyrstal Disk Mark here



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