[Fix]Internet is Up but None of the Browsers are Working After Upgrading Windows 10


After a few fixes and tryings, I finally got my main computer upgraded to the latest Windows 10 Insider Build 14955. While I was excited about the final success, I did encounter a problem where I can’t access any of the websites through any of the browsers I have on the computer. Chrome, IE, Edge, Vivaldi, none of them worked, despite the fact that I was still able to ping Google’s public DNS services, which means it’s not the Internet that messed things up.

This webpage is not available - [Fix]Internet is Up but None of the Browsers are Working After Upgrading Windows 10

So, what was going on?

I checked the proxy settings in IE and made sure that none of the options were checked. I even reset IE to the default. But it didn’t help.

I checked hosts file and made sure no invalid entries in there.

I checked the TCP/IP settings, did a network adapter disable/enable cycle to refresh the connection and performed a Windows Network Diagnostic. I even reset the TCP settings and restarted the computer. No, none of them helped.

I even disabled Microsoft Defender. But still, I couldn’t access to any websites across any of the browsers.

Eventually, I exited Kaspersky Anti-Ransom Tool for Business on my computer and boom, everything started to work again.

So, as much as I like to have this Anti-Ransome tool on my computer fighting with the Ransomware for me, I can’t get to work with the latest Windows 10 Build 14955. I will stay away from it for now until they both work together.

If you were experiencing the same issue as mine and had no luck after having tried what I’ve tried, disabling 3rd party Anti-Virus or Firewall software might be the option for you to solve the issue.


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