[Freeware] Monitoring Your Internet Bandwidth Usage with Cucusoft Net Guard


Cucusoft Net Guard is a network monitoring tool that monitors your internet broadband usage for you, and keeps tracking them closely with a detailed statement revealing how much usage has been utilized and what are the top software consuming them. With these data in hand, you easily identify how many of them are wasting your bandwidth and how much they have wasted, and therefore fix them to save your paid bandwidth for good use.

The process of download and installation is easy and straightforward, despite a minor annoyance that you will have to provide your personal email address to obtain an activation code in order to use this tool. Once it’s installed and is running, it quietly sits in the system tray keeping eyes on the network adaptor and recording every activities happening through them, with a float window siting at the right bottom corner, right above the system tray. However, you can hide it if you find it annoying.

Cucusoft Net Guard - Screen #1

The main window contains 5 main features that help you monitor your internet bandwidth, Net Usage, Net Monitor, Connections, Speed Test, and Statements. Let’s take look each of them closely.

Net Usage

It provides an overview of how much bandwidth has been used during the month. The program has a 60GB usage cap set as default as a baseline for measurement. You can change that from the Settings page, if the number doesn’t apply in your case. It will send you a notification when the amount of traffic is closing to the cap.

Cucusoft Net Guard - Screen #2

Net Monitor

The powerful bandwidth monitor monitors the network activities in real time and lists all processes that are currently running and using the internet.

Cucusoft Net Guard - Screen #3


Net Monitor lists all running processes with their up/download speed and usage. And Connections list the detail network info of these processes, such as local IP addresses, port, and remote IP addresses, port, etc..

cucusoft Net Guard - Screen #4


The tool generates the electronic statements automatically every month. But you can manually generate them whenever you want to. Just select a period and hit Create Statement button, and a PDF file will pop up within a few seconds.

cucusoft Net Guard - Screen #5


Cucusoft Net Guard could be a very useful monitoring tool if you are using a broadband package that has an usage cap, or you are wondering why your internet speed is slow, or you are curious to see what are the programs that you are not aware of and that are eating your internet bill. I personally really like it.

The tool used to be sold for $30 but now is offered for FREE, with only one requirement that only costs you an email address. A little bit annoying but totally understand the motivation behind it. If you like the tool very much, you can make a donation at minimum $10 to motivate their team to be active on this project.

Cucusoft Net Guard runs only on Windows, from XP and above, including both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.


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