Friday Amusement: Windows XP 2018 Edition


Here is something for your Friday amusement, an imaginary Windows XP 2018 Edition in the making. If you ever used and liked Windows XP, you might actually enjoy it.

Kamer Kaan Avdan, a tech YouTuber, who has previously introduced the concept of Android 9.0, Windows 11 and iOS 12, rejuvenated and presented the concept of Windows XP with modifications and advancements that leave the spectators surprisingly dumbstruck.

It’s got the essence of the original Windows XP but has the elements influenced by Windows 10 with many alternations like Edge, Cortana, etc. The Start menu remains the feels of Windows XP while the login screen, the power menu and the taskbar are all re-crafted and inspired from the features of Windows 10.

Anyway, while it looks stunning it’s still an imagination from an inspirational tech enthusiast’s eye. No matter how perfectly it has been drafted, it’s just an idea and not an execution. Just hoping someone from Microsoft team can pick something up from it.


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