Get Mini-DisplayPort to Work with DVI on Surface Docking Station


Got a new Surface Docking Station for a new Surface Pro but just can’t get the mini-DP port to work properly with the external monitors through a DVI cable. It works fine with the VGA port but when connected to the DVI port it just showing “No Signal” with a black screen.

Surface Docking Station

If this is what’s happening to you, here is a quick fix for you.

It’s not the mini-DP-DVI adapter that is faulty, nor is the DVI port on the monitor. It’s the Surface Docking that needs a firmware update to fix this connectivity issue. And you can do so easily through the Surface Dock Updater.

Head over to the download page, click the Download button, select Surface_Dock_Update.msi option and go to Next to get the tool downloaded.

Download Surface Tools for IT from Official Microsoft Download Center 2018 01 30 16 47 34 - Get Mini-DisplayPort to Work with DVI on Surface Docking Station

Once downloaded it, you can double-click the MSI file to get the tool installed on your computer. Connect the Surface Dock to your Surface device, find the newly installed tool in Start menu and click it to start the process.

The Surface Dock Updater will first scan and determines if the firmware of the connected Surface Dock is up-to-date. If not, it displays “This Surface Dock is not running the latest firmware” message, like below.

Surface Dock Updater - needs update

Click Update and follow the instruction closely on the screen to complete the process. Note that you do need to disconnect the Docking and re-connect it a couple of times along the way.

Once you see a message popping up like this, you are all good to go.

Docking Update Successful

By this time, if the mini-DisplayPort is still connected via the DVI port you will see the desktop starts showing up on the external monitor.

Hope it helps.



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