Get Wunderlist 2 A Brand New Revamp Task List


Wunderlist was one of the best Todo applications we’ve covered in the past. It has a deep cross platform support, simple yet works as you expected. Yesterday, Wunderlist 2 just released, a new revamped todo/task list for your Windows. It’s as slick as ever before, new background, new features introduced on top of the basic simple lists. Now you can add reminders, recurring tasks,  subtasks and many more!


Major New Features

New Wunderlist is now lighter, has a better sync in the background than its previous version. The tweaked UI includes new features for reminder and sharing.

To start off, Wunderlist now requires you to provide your name for easier collaboration between other Wunderlist users.


It’s easier to share your todo list with multiple people. You can even connect to your Facebook account to have the contact list deeply integrated.


New browser extension support!

Wunderlist now offers official browser extension support for add URLs and webclips directly from your browser, a feature that many users have been waiting for, though currently only chrome extension is support. But we will be seeing many more additional browser extension coming available in the near feature.



Like Jeff Atwood mentioned in one of his blog posts, he concluded that TODO list application won’t help you to become more efficient in what you are doing. His argument is that you should always do the most important things for you right now at this very moment. If you don’t even know what’s important for you to do right now, you shouldn’t using any of them.

His view might be very true for some people, but ultimately it is your choice to decide whether or not you need a production tool like Wunderlist and how you want to use it to help yourself keep on track and on top of what you needs to do.



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