Ghostery Let’s You Decide Which Company Can Track Your Online Activity


The web is all inner connected, every click you make on a particular web page is tracked by trackers out there that collects data. Companies sell those data between each other to have a better understanding of who you are, what you like, so they can display the relevant ads, and search results, etc. While having some of those trackers keep tracking of your web activity are useful in terms of a personalized web experience, you do not actually have the choice to opt out specific company. You are blind when it comes who’s tracking you.

Ghostery is a browser extension available for all major browsers that allows you to have full control over who can track you, which site can track you, and how they can track you. It was recommended by Edward Snowden during the SXSE conference on how you can keep your online activity as private as possible. Yes, you can always use Google Chrome Incognito mode or private mode from other browsers. But by using those browser mode, you are giving the choice between all or nothing, and still there is no transparency in terms of who’s tracking you.

After you installed the plugin, you will be greeted with some tutorial on how to read and use Ghostery.

After you have Ghostery installed, when you visit a new page, you can see exactly how many trackers are tracking your activity. For example, Yahoo has four trackers. But if you look at sites like Wall Street Journal, there are as many as 19 trackers that tracks your activity. With Ghostery, you can toggle specific tracker as well as view the sources of each tracker.

Ghostery is a free service, so give it a try you might find it useful to know who’s out there keeping an eye on every moments of your online life.


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