Google Keep Extension for Chrome


Not sure how many people out there are using Google Keep, the new notes taking online tool Google released lately. But in case you are using it, and are using it within Google’s web browser Chrome, there is a Chrome Extension you can use directly with the service.

Here is a quick view of what it looks like

1. Go to Google Keep page on Chrome Store, and click Add to Chrome button to install the extension to your Chrome browser.

2. Once done, you can launch the extension from Apps screen from new browser tab. There is no icon listed n the extension bar next to the Address bar.

3. Once launched, it pops up as a separate Chrome window you can drag around on your desktop.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

It looks just like an application shortcut you normally create from Chrome. It shows as a separate application on the Taskbar on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. And you can pin it to let it stay on your Taskbar if you want.

Google Keep Chrome Extension - Pin to Taskbar

A few words

OneNote is my primary tool for notes taking but I found Google Keep quite handy while working with Google Chrome. You may want to give it a try if you also happen to be a Chrome user who uses quite a few Google’s services as well. But frankly, it’s almost useless on Windows desktop environment if you are not using Chrome.


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