How Do I Check My Laptop Battery Life?


As we all agree, the battery is a critical component in mobile devices like laptops but in most of the versions of Windows, we are often less informed than we should be about the battery. Given the chemical nature, batteries are prone to wear, corrosion, leakage and outright failure due to the events like short circuits and lightning strikes. They do fail and have decreased performance over time. It’s important to identify and monitor their performance, usage, and more importantly, the worn-out rate.

So, what’s the best way to tell how much my laptop battery has worn? Is it to the point where I need to replace it?

One way to find out is the use of this awesome portable tool from NirSoft. BatteryInfoView displays current status and information about your battery as well as an on-going log of the bare essentials; power state, capacity, capacity value, rate, and voltage, which gets updated every 30 seconds.

image 600x454 - How Do I Check My Laptop Battery Life?

One number to look at is the Full Charged Capacity and compare it to the Designed Capacity shown right next to it. The formula of the worn-out rate should be:

(Designed Capacity - Full Charged Capacity) / Designed Capacity * %

So take numbers from the screenshot above, the Full Charged Capacity is at 32,630mWh while the Designed Capacity is at 38,850.mWh. The worn-out rate should be

(38850 - 32630) / 38850 = 16.01%

That tells me that the years use of this laptop has taken 16% of its designed battery life. Yes, it will stay hold for a while but it won’t hold long at each full charge.

I also like this tiny tool called BatteryBar that displays much better battery information right on the Taskbar, including the Battery Wear right there when you hover your mouse over it.

image 1 - How Do I Check My Laptop Battery Life?


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