How To Aggregate Multiple Command Prompt Window into a Single Window


If you ever need to run multiple bat file or perform any tasks that require multiple Command Prompt (CMD) open, it will be a tedious experience to manage all of them. Compare with other OS’s terminal, CMD, or Command Prompt on Windows lacks the Tab feature that others (Linux and Unix) have.

Thankfully, there is an open source app called Console that behaves more like a Terminal in Mac or Linux. It is not an enhancement in terms of feature of CMD, instead it’s a replacement for CMD. (If you are looking for feature rich, enhancement then Windows PowerShell is the answer)

With Console, all you need is just one Window, because you can create multiple cmd sessions in multiple tabs that will aggregates them in just one window. A collection of Command Prompt that is.


With this neat tool, not only you get multiple Tabs, you also have full control of the look and feel. The default Windows cmd only shows you limited number of outputs lines, this of course can be changed. But with console, you can even do more crazy customizations. Including change font, size,c olour. Hey the best thing is, this is total open source, if you are interested, feel free to dig deeper !


That’s it. Every since the discovery of Console, this have replaced my default Windows cmd. Of course with this new tool, you can run all the command from cmd, nothing have changed. Give it a try, and you might find it useful.



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