How To Change Default Photo Viewer on Windows 8


In case you have not noticed, if you try to open a new image inside Windows 8 it will open the photo in the Metro Photos App instead of the default “Windows Photo Viewer”. While metro apps are great, but it really doesn’t make any sense for a desktop computer to view the photo in full screen in the metro app. I’d much prefer the traditional way of viewing an image.

So here is how you can change the default application for any images in Windows 8

Right click an image, go to “Open with > Choose default program …”


This will leads to a new metro style dialog ask you to choose from a list of photo programs. Scroll down to the very bottom, click “Windows Photo Viewer


And you are all set.


The next time when you open an image it will no longer go to the metro Photos app, instead you can enjoy what it was like in Windows 7 and prior.



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