How To Convert PDF to Word Excel PowerPoint for Free


I use Adobe Reader to view PDF documents and NitroPDF Free to create PDF from other format. But when I need to convert a PDF to Word or Excel, I have to use Adobe Standard version, which is not free and quite costly. So is there a way that I can convert a PDF file to Word/Excel, or even other formats with a reasonable quality?

Here is one that uses a Chrome extension to convert the PDF files saved in Google Drive. So if you want to take advantage of this free offer you will have to use Chrome as your browser and Google Drive as your document saving place. If you are using both, here is how you can use it.

First of all, go to this Chrome extension page, Comedocs PDF Converter, and add it into your Chrome browser.

Then, upload the PDF file you want to convert to your Google Drive if it’s not there yet.

Then, Right-click the PDF file in your Google Drive, and go to Open With, then choose Cometdocs PDF Converter. It will go through the linking process to link your Google Account with Cometdocs service if it’s the first time you are using it.

Open PDF to cometdocs - How To Convert PDF to Word Excel PowerPoint for Free

Then pick a conversion type from the long supported format list, and click Confirm.

Select conversion type   Cometdocs 2015 03 30 16 41 45 - How To Convert PDF to Word Excel PowerPoint for Free

It may take a little while to a conversion to finish. Once done, the final document will be saved and opened in your Google Drive automatically.

The final result is pretty good, if the original PDF file doesn’t have a lot complicate formatting. However, you probably still need quite a bit of change to the final document to make sure the right style applied to be consistent with your other documents.


  1. I used to convert PDF to Powerpoint with Acethinker PDF Converter, free and works perfect. It is a cloud based software to convert PDF to Powerpoint without install any software in your device. Share it here as an alternative method.


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