How To Find Duplicated Item And Batch Delete Them In Windows


It isn’t easy to find all the duplicated files, sure you can check manually one file at a time, but this is not efficient. There aren’t any build in Windows tools that lets you identify duplicated files. So we need to rely on third party applications to make our life easier. Let the computer do as much work as it can !

Clonespy is a lightweight reliable third party app that is very good at finding and deleting duplicated items. Download clonespy here and give it a try. One thing this application lacks is the fancy UI, but hey the bottom line is it gets the job done. When you first start up the application you might feel a little intimidated with all the buttons and options to choose from. But don’t worry after all, what’s so hard to find duplicated items ?


Well, it turns out, sometimes finding and deleting duplicated files is not very straight forward. CloneSpy find the duplicated item first by generating and collection hashes of each file and then compare with other files. That means, even if you have files that have the same content but completely different names clonespy will be able to find them. There are three options you can do after it find a duplicated item. You can specify the options on the left “Action” section. By default, it will prompt you whenever it encounter a duplicated file. From there you get to pick what to do with the duplicated file. You also get to pick which file you want to delete or keep.


But sometimes let the application prompt you every time it find a duplicated item is quite annoying.


The best way to deal with a batch of possible duplicated item is either let the application to generate a log of files that’s duplicating. Or specify operations you want it to do when encounter a pair of duplicated files.


Don’t worry if you choose to delete them, because all the duplicated items will just goes to your trash can. You still can recover if you found any error.

It’s a useful tool for finding and deleting duplicated items in a batch. Give it a try and use it wisely.


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