How To Find Out The Members of the Local Admin Group on Remote Computers


Finding out who has local admin rights on your computer is easy. You can go to Computer Management → Local Users and Groups → Groups, and open Administrators group to see who are the members in there. But what if you want to get that same info on a large network that has tens or even hundreds computers?

Get Local Admins GUI is a free tool that can help you audit a large number of remote computers to find out the members of the local Administrators group on each of these machines. It’s not a portable tool but works on Windows computers from XP and above, with the support for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It also requires Microsoft .Net framework 4.0 installed as well.

Get Local Admins GUI - - 2015-03-24 16_56_01

You can enter the names of the computers you want to scan, or import them from an Active Directory server or a text file. Click Start button to start the scanning process. It will show you who is a member of the local Administrators group on each of the computers on the list with the option to include members of nested groups within the Administrators group. By default, it performs a ping test before reaching out to retrieve the info but you can disable it if you have a firewall settings on the remote computers that drops ICMP packets.

Get Local Admins GUI - Options

You can export the result in either CSV or HTML format. Go to Export tab and pick one that you want to export.

Get Local Admins GUI - Export options

Overall, Get Local Admins GUI could be a very useful handy little tool to do a specific network audit on a large network that contains a large number of computers. It works well when network setup on each of the remote computers are properly set up, such as Firewall setting that allows remote admin tasks to come in to pull the info.



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