How To Fix 0x80240017 Error in Windows 8.1 When Installing Apps from Windows Store


This particular error occurred on my Surface the other day when I was trying to install an app from Windows Store. Since it’s upgraded to 8.1, it’s been having issues re-installing the apps I had previously installed. It would tell me the re-installation failed and then informed me that the app is no longer available on Windows Store. I first believed it until later when I found out that I couldn’t actually install any of the apps on Windows Store, with the information shown as below:

0x80240017 Error 600x337 - How To Fix 0x80240017 Error in Windows 8.1 When Installing Apps from Windows Store
Error 0x80240017 when installing apps from Windows Store

According to this Microsoft KB, installing rollup 2887595 update, which was released in November 2013 would resolve the problem. If you don’t see this update installed from your Windows 8 computer, you can download the standalone update directly from Microsoft download center and manually install it on your computer.

But this didn’t fix my Surface, 1) it runs RT so I couldn’t manually install those standalone update files; and 2) it turned out KB2887595 is already installed.

So, out of the options having a quick fix, I went ahead and did a PC Refresh (PC Settings → Update and recovery → Recovery). And after about 20 minutes, it’s all fixed. Quick and clean.

PC Refresh 600x337 - How To Fix 0x80240017 Error in Windows 8.1 When Installing Apps from Windows Store

I would also mention that if you do a Google search about this issue you may find a lot of trash talk mentioning something about the registry corruption or using CCleaner to clean up the machine. Don’t even bother. A PC Refresh is all you need. Quick, effective, and fix your issues without touching or manipulating your data.


  1. Skip this on a PC. Took me 13 hrs of refreshing, updating, restating, and more updating and still didn’t fix it.

  2. Same issue here. Multiple fresh installs and multiple accounts on different devices with same issue. Latest is donor Laptop VAIO VGN-FS740/W that had no expansion memory and no HDD (currently using as pc1 (DELL optiplex360) is performing scheduled maintenance.) Both currently using windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 32-bit. Noticed the problem occurs for me when attempting to install Project Spark only. everything else downloads and installs fine. Attached 3 images to show that it isn’t an error with all apps/games.

  3. i wanted to download gt racing 2 and i had that error , i did a little searching and people told me that i don’t have the requirements for this game it says i need 2GB of ram and i have 4 and i need directx 11 and it’s already installed


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