How To Forget A WiFi Network in Windows 10


Well, you think it would be easy to completely forget a WiFi network in Windows. But how? The WiFi app from the notification panel doesn’t have a Forget button, neither does it in WiFi tab in Settings app. Digging around in Control Panel comes up short as well.

Turns out, it’s buried deeper than what we thought.

Fire up Settings app, go to Network & Internet, make sure you are at WiFi tab.

Settings - Network Internet - WiFi

And click Manage Wi-Fi settings link in the middle of the section. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where all known WiFi networks are listed. Select one that you want to forget, and click Forget button.

Settings - Network Internet - WiFi - Forget button

The Share button is for WiFi Sense but the Forget button is the one you are looking for. Clicking on it will wipe out the selected network settings including the WiFi password from the system so your computer will not connect to it automatically. The action takes place instantly and kicks the selected network out of the known list right away



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