How To Get Free Microsoft Points by Using Edge Browser In Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft’s big Creators Update is coming up. It will bring more features that are focused towards creative professions like Graphic Designer, Software Developer and anyone who uses Windows to do creative work. When your Windows 10 updates to the latest Creators Update one of the changes you will immediately notice is Microsoft’s Edge browser will have a neat interactive page to show what and where to find all the new features from the update.

In this post, we will deep dive into some of the new features that were added to Microsoft Edge in this Creators Update. To help you glance through the changes Microsoft gamified Microsoft Edge Tips wizard to including rewards and your progress bar.

For every feature you have read and used will gain you progress in the overall completion of the new features.

Some of the features we have previously covered in Windows 10 Preview builds, for example, the new set aside tabs for later.

And the ability to read ePub or other e-books format right inside the Edge browser.

One of the most interesting things you will learn is the rewards program Microsoft has offered for just using its browser. You can join the Microsoft Rewards to start earning points for free so you can use it to redeem digital games, movies, and apps from the Microsoft Store.

If you have Windows 10 as your daily drive and you are using the new Edge browser, this is a great way to earn something back while you getting all the new features! You can sign up here.

There are some restrictions for participating this program. First, you must reside in the US, you will not be eligible if trying to sign up when you are outside the United States. Second, there are daily and monthly limits on how much rewards points you can gain out of this program.

If you use Windows 10 Inside Preview and enroll into this program, you will gain more points and the most you can gain are 600 points per month.

Here is a quick Microsoft Rewards Points conversion, 600 points are equivalent to $7.5 US dollar.

If you are a hardcore Windows 10 and Edge user, this is a nice little additional perk that you can gain from Microsoft. In a few month time, you’d be able to exchange for an AAA title Xbox Games by simply just using Edge on a daily basis.


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