[How to] Maintain Full Screen Mode When Using Synergy


Back in last December we showed you how you can control two computer with one set of mouse and keyboard. Basically you need the tool called Synergy and make this utility running on both computer. Of course both of them have to be on the same network. Synergy is great, however sometimes you will experience when you watching a full screen video or playing game in full screen mode when you accidently move the mouse out of the way the full screen will be gone. It is annoying but there is a way to fix this. What happen is that when you move the mouse over to the next computer screen the application is by default running in the foreground. This is why the original foreground application that are running in full screen mode will now quit full screen.

Here is how you can fix this problem

Go to the host machine, under “Option” > Check “Don’t take foreground window on Windows servers” windows_foreground Now you are all set. Enjoy watching full screen videos while doing your stuff on the other computer 🙂



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