How To Properly Map Keyboard Between Mac and PC when Share Mouses with Synergy


We’ve covered how you can use one set of keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers. Mouse without borders is an excellent utility if all you interested in are working across different PCs. But if you want to control between Mac and PC the setup would be slightly complicated. There is a freeware called Synergy that you can use to help you establish a connection between Mac and PC so you can use one set of keyboard to control both machines. It also works if one of the machine is connected to a VPN, given that the VPN supports split tunnel. The real trouble is how to control two machine that has the different keyboard shortcut.

Here is How to Use The Same Keyboard Shortcut between Mac and PC

On the server machine from the home screen, go to “Server Configuration”. In this case my server is a Mac, what you want to do is select the PC, the client you are connecting to.

Screenshot 2014-03-17 16.30.19

Click on the PC ( or Mac if the Server is a PC )

Screenshot 2014-03-17 16.30.10

On the left under Modifier keys, what you need to do is to toggle the key Ctrl and Super to mirror each other. (see blow)

Screenshot 2014-03-17 16.30.02

Click Okay, and apply when you have done this. Effectively, what this allows you to do is to use Mac keyboard shortcuts such as Copy, Past, open new browser Tab, close browser Tab, etc. with the same keyboard shortcut you were using inside a PC. Of course, by doing so, you aren’t 100% covered in terms of sharing keyboard shortcuts. But this greatly reduced the awkwardness of switching to a different keyboard shortcut when you moved your mouse to a different OS. At least, you will feel more of working on the same machine rather than remembering to press the keys differently when doing the same thing but on different machine. Give it a try, you will find this to be very useful tweak if you constantly switch back and forth between Mac and PC.



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