How To Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 7


I used to use a tool in Vista that resizes the taskbar preview thumbnail to a larger size that I enjoy. But for the longer period of time I have been using Windows 7 I didn’t bother until now. Not sure why but I am at a point where I actually think having a lager thumbnail will benefit my work on Windows 7. So here you go.

This is actually quite easy if you are not afraid of playing around with registry keys.

1. Open regedit as administrator.

2. Navigate through HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Taskband

3. And add a new DWord32 key MinThumbSizePx at the right side panel, and modify the value to the size you prefer, e.g. 500 or 640.

4. To make the change take effect, restart Explorer by killing and re-launching it from Task Manager, or simply do a logoff and log back in.

Now, the preview thumbnail on your Windows 7 taskbar will look like this.


If you are not comfortable messing around the registry keys, here is a tool called Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Customizer that you can use. It’s a portable tool that you can execute without any installation required. The nice thing about this tool is that not only does it resize the preview thumbnail but also let you change the position of the thumbnail and the delay time as well.

1. Simply download the tool from author’s website.

2. Extract the executable file to a place that can be easily located, and double-click to launch it.

3. Make changes to your satisfaction and click on Apply Changes button once you are done. The tool will kill the Explorer process and re-launch it right after.


A couple of notes:

1. The change is not system-wide and only applies to the current user. If there is a new user logging in to the same computer s/he will have to make the same tweak again to enjoy the larger size of preview.

2. The change doesn’t seem to affect the size of preview thumbnail in Internet Explorer or other browsers that support taskbar preview, e.g. Firefox and Opera. The size of preview panel is bigger but the actual thumbnail still remain the same for some reason.




  1. This is a pretty lame tip. I was reading along thinking I would implement something like this but you end on: “The size of preview panel is bigger but the actual thumbnail still remain the same for some reason.”

    What’s even worse is the title of this article:
    “How To Resize Taskbar Preview Thumbnail in Windows 7” ~~~ WTF!?!

    • Well, even though the tip doesn’t work in preview-enabled browsers like IE, Firefox, it’s still very useful to other applications. It’s “lame” but also useful to a lot of people.


  2. It’s a great tip (and trick of course). I had meant a while to do it but I coudln’t know how to do. Now, I find the solution. THX.

    Not laughing in my English! :DD Hope it is understable, though.

  3. Really trying to find a way to make the browser thumbnail bigger — that’s one of the main reasons I’d like this. It’s gotta be possible. Any ideas?


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