How To Set Different Screen Resolution for Individual User in Windows 7


Unfortunately, you can’t do this out of the box in Windows 7. If you have multiple users set up on your Windows computer, they are all going to share one screen resolution whether or not they like it. You will need a tool to accomplish this.

Carroll is the tool that can help you set this up. All this tool does is to set different screen resolutions to each individual user. When you first launch it, the application lists all available screen resolutions. Pick the one that suites you and click on “Change Screen resolution and restore with every logon”


Then, next time when you log in using the same account, Carroll changes the resolution automatically for you without going through the display user interface.

The tool stores your input and retract it after logging in next. It runs automatically because the tool puts itself in the Start Up folder during the installation.

It’s a useful tool, especially when you have multiple user signed up on your computer who demand a dedicate screen resolution to their own.



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