How to Stop Mouse Wake Up Your Computer


Do you put your computer to sleep often? Do you ever accidently touch the mouse and all the sudden find your computer just woke up? Well, to me I don’t purposely to put my computer into sleep often, but instead, it sleeps by itself when I don’t use it for over 30 minutes. When that happens, chances are I don’t really need to use the computer at the moment. But I often I ended up waking up the computer when I try to move around the stuff on my desk, that lead to the mouse to move and eventually lead to the computer to start waking up.

So here is how you can stop the mouse trigger your PC from sleep. This works on both Windows 7 and Vista.

First, go to start menu search “Mouse.”


Click the first result under Control Panel


Go to Hardware tab > Double Click the mouse in the list > Power Management > Uncheck the “Allow this device to wake the computer.”

That’s it. Once you have unchecked this option, you don’t have to worry about accidently touched your mouse while your computer is on sleep anymore.



  1. Wish I could wake my laptops up with the mouse. I have this option turned ON and regardless of us of a wireless or wired mouse or even the touchpad, NOTHING but pressing the power button will wake them up.

  2.  If you have a MS or Logitech mouse with a nano-usb receiver it also
    registers an HID Keyboard device. Seemingly the usb receiver keeps
    polling the mouse and keyboard and interprets any activity as either
    keyboard and mouse movement. Though you may have disabled the mouse from
    waking up the PC the receiver still interprets any activity as coming
    from a mouse or keyboard.

    So, the trick is also disabling the (non-existent) keyboard from
    waking up the PC. You do so in device manager and opening the keyboards
    key. Chances are that there are more than one kb, open the HID Keyboard
    Device and in the power management tab disable the device from waking up
    the computer.

    Took me some time to tinker, but it worked for me


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