How To Turn Aero Back On or Re-Enable It After Being Disabled in Windows 7


Assume Aero is enabled on your windows 7 machine but have you ever experienced that being turned off due to some occasions where Windows 7 thinks the resource in your machine is quite low and that it turns Aero off in order to keep the system running?

I actually do have experienced this before, quite a few times. When it did, in order to avoid a reboot I always have to poke around in the system trying to find a place where I can turn it back on. If you had experienced the same, here is a quick way to bring the Aero back without a reboot.

1. Type “Aero” in the search box in the Start Menu, and click on “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects” program from the list. You may have to wait a few seconds for having it shown up.


2. An Aero Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problem wizard pops up. Click on Next button to start.


3. The wizard will then start the process trying to detect and fix any the problems related to Aero service. In most of cases, Aero will be turned back on during the process.


In addition, there are the hacks, mostly registry changes, that you can try to force the Aero enabled. However, I don’t see a need to use any of them. This simple built-in problem fix wizard is all you need.


Thanks to Glenn, who shared an even better way of re-turning Aero back on in the comment. You will have to open Dos Prompt window with administrator privilege first and run the following two command, basically to re-start uxsms, the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service.

net stop uxsms

net start uxsms




  1. This trick didn’t work.
    It was all good up-to yesterday (Windows 7 Ultimate X64 , but when i turned my PC today the theme got disabled ( my Rig Specs is AMD HD 6870 2GB GDDR5, 256Bit with 12 GB DDR3 RAM , AMD Phenom II X4 965 processor)
    This is what I tried:
    registry key:
    created Three DWORD (32-bit value) entry
    UseMachineCheck, and set its value to 0.
    Blur, and set its value to 0.
    Animations, and set its value to 0.
    CMD with administrative Privilege
    Net Stop uxsms
    Net Start uxsms
    But Above command didnot start Desktop Window Manager Session Manager.
    Aero by right clicking on desktop-> Personalize -> Select Windows Colors is grayed
    not only this in services.msc it showing 1068 error
    Also tried : Chkdks /r & last known good configuration not solved
    Only thing I haven’t tried is repair


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