How To Turn Your Windows into an Apple TV to Receive AirPlay Content with XBMC 11


XBMC 11 was officially released yesterday, it has been in beta and RC release for the month. There are some exciting new feature and improvements. One of which I’m looking forward the most is the ability to turn your media center, XBMC, into an AirPlay-capable receiver. Meaning you can stream music or video from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to your PC over the air wirelessly.

To Make XBMC 11 Receive AirPlay content from your iOS device is easy. But first, you need to download the latest XBMC 11 here.

Once you did download, install XBMC just like you would normally for any kind PC software.

Start XBMC, go to Settings > Network > Services scroll down to the very bottom you will see an option to “Allow XBMC to receive AirPlay content”. Make sure you check this option. (Also just like what you can do on Apple TV you can also set up a password for it if you wish)


Now when you go to your iOS device, try to play to a list of AirPlay devices, you will see now your XBMC is listed as one of the options. Select XBMC (probably the name in brackets is your machine’s hostname) to stream music and video from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to your Windows PC.

Note: it is important to note you need to have both your PC and iOS device running on the same network.


There you have it, enjoy your new Apple TV.Smile A new and much powerful Apple TV.

If you enjoy your new XBMC media center, there are lots more tricks you can do with it to make it a feature and content rich media center. Check out more XBMC How-Tos


  1. Hi, I just tried this and it works well on my iPod using ZappoTV apps, but does not stream using Zappo on my Android phone, any clue?

  2. If XBMC is an overkill for you try the programm called Aerodrom from [email protected] development. It is a simple to use plain AirPlay receiver for Windows PC and Windows Media Center (WMC) and allows you to receive Audio, video and photos streamed from your iOS device. Try the free demo at:


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