Install Native Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets on Windows 7


Mac has lots of cool UI animations, it’s fade in/out dashboard widget is one of the reason people love their Mac OS X over Windows 7. Yes there are some tools that you can download to tweak your Windows to look just like a Mac, but in the end it doesn’t matter how much you change the UI a PC will always look like a Windows in the root.

Kludget Engine is a desktop widget application that enables you to add all kind’s of different widgets to your Windows 7. With that you can also add Mac OS X dashboard widgets in your Windows 7.

apple widgets on windows 7

You can download the Kludget Engine here and a list of Mac OS X default Widgets here.

Note, the last time when we try to post the Snow Leopard Transformation Pack we noticed shortly few days after the site is taken down no longer operation due to copyrights from Apple. So get it while you can.


Just like the Mac OS X can bring up the widgets with one hotkey, you can do the same with Kuldget. Just right click on the icon go to Preferences.


Here you can choose which key to show or hide all the widgets.


When you press the hotkey, you will get something like this, it will highlight all the widgets, bring it to the front window and dim the background and other applications.

From the list of Widgets available that we tested everything seems to working fairly well. Give Kludgets a try now.



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