IObit’s StartMenu8 Got a new Update with Better UI, Still Keeps the Free tag


If you are looking for a good Windows 8 start menu replacement we have a list of Windows 8 Start Menu tweak you should definitely check it out. We also covered extensively on IObit’s StartMenu 8 back at beginning of this October. Since then, IObit’s StartMenu8 has got some welcome improvements.

To Start off

It has a new settings page, much more Windows 8 friendly, clean and elegant.


You can customize how the start menu button look like. Even more, if you like to hack, here is a list of icons from IObit’s forum you can use.


The core application itself hasn’t changed much, there are still some minor performance issues when you press the Windows key rapidly. A welcome addition would be the search feature, you now have live search implemented right into the search bar, but still takes a while to show you the search result.


You also have the option to customize your user profile image.

Again, this is still in beta. No word if this will become a paid app once it comes out of beta, but for now, this is one of the closest Windows start menu replacement out there. Give it a try if you are on Windows 8 and would like to have your Windows 7 start menu back !


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