Java Application Blocked By Security Settings, What To Do?


Here is a message popping up on my screen when I access to an internal web app written by Java, even after I updated my Java to the latest version.

Application Blocked by Security Settings

Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running with an out-of-date or expired version of Java.

And after clicking OK, I basically just see a box saying “Errors” inside my web app. See the photo gallery below:

So, what to do and how to by pass this security warning to get access to my web app that doesn’t have security issues?

Let’s go to Control Panel, and fire up Java Control Panel. If you don’t see it, type Java in the search box and press Enter. It usually pops up like below.

Java - control panel

Once it opens, head over to the security tab, where you can adjust the security level from Medium to Very High, or manage the Exception Site List. I’d highly recommend not fiddling around the security level and only allowing sites you trust to by pass the security check by adding them into the Exception Site List.

Java Control Panel - Security tab

Click on Edit Site List… button, and Add button add the site’s url precisely into the list. If it’s a SSL-enabled, make sure to include https as part of the url.

Java Control Panel - Exception Site List - 2014-01-20 10_09_41

Click OK, make sure the site’s url is correctly listed in the Exception Site List, and hit OK again.

Once it’s done, relaunch your browser and the site that is previously blocked by Java’s security setting. And see if it works this time.



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