JXplorer Is a LDAP Browser–Allow IT Admin To Explore LDAP Trees


This is mainly for IT Pro, but if you are interested in any LDAP system this will be helpful. Almost every company, big or small, they all have some sort of user management system that takes care of all the employees within the company. A system may consist of not only all the employees, but all the computers and servers as well. This is what LDAP is designed for, it stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Microsoft have it’s own version of LDAP is called Active Directory, sort of AD. If you are on the market to not relay on Windows Server to manage your system, then chances are you are going need to run some type of LDAP in one form or another.

There are many type of LDAP servers out there, we are not going to cover that in this post. Assuming you already have a LDAP environment set, to browse the content inside the LDAP might not be as easy as you might imagine.

JXplorer is a universal LDAP browser

JXplorer  works for many open source cross platform LDAP servers. It’s a LDAP client that allows you to edit, manage and browse user, user group, computer and servers.


The initial login screen might seems intimidating but once you know the basis it shouldn’t come as any difficult to use. You need to know the following information before continue:

  • your LDAP host URL and port number
  • the version of LDAP protocol it’s running on
  • Base DN, this is a group that contains the user you are going to login to. Usually the tree is organized in a reverse domain structure. For example: ou=Users,dc=yourcompany,dc=com Here we are assuming the user is belong to the group Users, which is under the node yourcompany and sub-node com
  • User DN: will contain the unique key used to identify the user pluses all the inputs you have for Base DN. Essentially, the User DN is a level deeper than the Base DN, that’s why you need to append all the information you have entered for Base DN to the User DN.
  • the user’s LDAP password

Once you have the above info ready, you are set to use the JXplorer to browse the LDAP server content.


This tool is quite powerful, as long as you have the right permission, there isn’t any thing you can’t do. You can use it to create new user, new user group, new nested groups, add computers and servers to the directory. Explore every single attributes of the record down to the very detail of each LDAP object.

If you are looking for some tools to browse around an LDAP user, you can’t go wrong with JXplorer.



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