Making The System Tray More Useful with TrayStatus


TrayStatus is a little free utility that adds a few status icons in the system tray (the notification area) to help you quickly check the status of some of the keyboard keys. It could be quite useful to a laptop or keyboard that just doesn’t have the indicator lights for keys such as NumLock, Caps, Scroll, Alt, Ctrl, Shift, and Windows key.

When installed, it has 3 status icons available by default in the system tray to watch status on NumLock, Caps key, and Hard Drive. The color Green means the key is on and the transparent means off.

TrayStatus by default

Yes, this little tool monitors the hard drive activities in real-time too with current speed in a tool tip. Green means read and Red means write. To add or remove status icons, you can right-click any of available icons and choose TrayStatus settings.

TrayStatus Settings

By default, any new added icons in System Tray are hidden in the notification area. You will need to click the little up arrow first to get access to them. To move them out of the hidden area, you can click Customize… on the popup.

System Tray - customize

And change all TrayStatus icons from Only show notifications to Show icon and notifications.

2015-04-21 22_57_39-Notification Area Icons

Once all changed, my system tray looks like this, with all TrayStatus indicators on.

TrayStatus on System Tray

TrayStatus is completely free. It works on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, with both 32-bit and 64-bit editions supported.


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