Making Windows 7 Start Menu Transparent with StartMenu7


StartMenu7 is a free tweaking tool that re-purpose your Windows 7 start menu into a way that’s easier and more natural to use. Well, it’s actually not only made for Windows 7, but Windows XP, Vista, even 2003 as well. So let’s take look what’s new in there. The new style of Start Menu will be kicked in right after the tool is installed. image First, the new Start Menu has a transparent background that let’s you peek what’s on your desktop or what’s behind the menu. A nice feature indeed. Second, all items listed in the menu are automatically sorted alphabetically, which makes you to find your stuff more easily. Then, a list of your profile folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, etc., is conveniently placed right at the bottom right corner, a place where used to be the frequent access list in the traditionally start menu. Then, tabbed menu that let’s you quickly switch between All Programs, Quick Start, and Autorun. The Autorun tab could be very helpful. And you can lock the computer, or more Power Control right from it. image Heck, there is even a run menu that gets you quickly launch some programs directly from there. image Overall, even though I am not a typical Start Menu hater and found quick happy with the way Microsoft puts there, I found StartMenu7 can be quick useful especially when you are struggling how to use the default Start Menu. It can be helpful if you rely on Start Menu quite heavily. There is also a Pro version that adds one-click launch, quick un-install, Menu customization, a few others features with a price at $19.99.



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