Making Your Fancy Windows 8 Tiles


Those native Windows 8 App tiles look surprisingly good but those that are not don’t look so good. Most of them look so horrible that I had to manually remove them to keep my Start Screen consistent with the same level of taste.

But Start Screen is a place made for placing all kinds of shortcuts in Tile format. It’s just so convenient pinning everything you frequently need on there for easy access. It’s nice that we can make those ugly tiles fancy again. And that’s why this desktop tool Modern Tile Maker is made for. Thanks to the guys at TheWindowsClub for developing it.

regedit tile thumb - Making Your Fancy Windows 8 Tiles

You will need to install this tool first before you can start using it. Since it’s not officially signed by Microsoft, you will be getting a UAC warning before you can proceed.

It’s fairly easily to figure out how to use this tool. Simply finish up the settings in the main window, and click Pin to Start button once finished. Everything you need to set to make a pretty tile is all in one place.

Modern Tile Maker thumb - Making Your Fancy Windows 8 Tiles

You will need to find some quick icon image file in order to make a pretty tile. Google image search usually is your friend for these sort of thing.

During the test, I was able to follow the step to make a pretty looking tile but unfortunately it didn’t look the same, and didn’t not launch the program I associated with, after I pinned the tile to the Start Screen. However, since the tool is developed by the trusted source, I hope it works perfectly well on your computer.

Hope guys at TWC will continue on working on this tool to make it better.




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