Microsoft Open Sourced the New Console for Windows


It’s called Windows Terminal, a new modern, feature-rich terminal application for command users. It supports for tabs, rich text, theming & styling, on top of the basic functions such as using for command lines as well as PowerShell cmdlets.

Open sourced on Github at, the final copy will be delivered as UWP via the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 and will be updated regularly to always up to date with the minimum effort. The repository on Github currently includes:

  • Windows Terminal
  • The Windows console host (conhost.exe) – a local copy that is separate from the built-in Windows one. 
  • Components shared between the two projects
  • ColorTool
  • Sample projects that show how to consume the Windows Console API

Unfortunately, there is no any binary available at the moment for preview or beta. However, you can clone the repo and build your own copy, since the early build in the store will be in the summer and the first official release will be over half year away around the end of the year.

image 600x353 - Microsoft Open Sourced the New Console for Windows
Windows Terminal

I took some time and built my copy. It’s very basic, not like Mr. Hanselman who put some color style on his copy.

Here is a brief list of steps how I managed to do it.

First of all, the tool you will need,

  • Visual Studio 2017 with the following packages:
    • Desktop Development with C++
    • Universal Windows Platform development
    • Windows 10 SDK
  • Git client tool
  • Nuget
  • Windows 10 build 1903 SDK

The steps to build the package:

  • git clone the repository, do not use the .zip copy you download.
  • git submodule update --init --recursive in Terminal folder.
  • .\tools\razzle.cmd in command prompt window in Terminal folder.
  • bcz
  • Open OpenConsole.sln in Visual Studio
  • Build the whole solution (F7)

Now let’s install it.

Open Windows Settings, go to Update & Security > For developers, and select Developer mode.

image 1 600x355 - Microsoft Open Sourced the New Console for Windows

Right-click on CascadiaPackage project under Terminal, select Deploy to install.

image 2 - Microsoft Open Sourced the New Console for Windows

Now here you go.

image 3 - Microsoft Open Sourced the New Console for Windows


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