Monitoring Your Memory & Page File Usage in Real Time with MemInfo


Meminfo is a very nice little free system utility that does something Windows doesn’t do in an easy and intuitive way. It monitors the system in real time and displays the current memory, both physical RAM and page file, usage data right from the system tray with a small gauge graphic and the value to gives you a fast feedback what the usage levels are currently in your system.

MemInfo #1

MemInfo is highly customizable. You can choose when it should alert you about the high memory usage and how it should alert you. You can also set how many top processes to be shown in the popup window, as well as how often you want the value in the system tray being updated. It by default updates itself every half second.

Meminfo Settings

The built-in memory defragmenter could also be useful to allow speed up your computer by maximizing the available free memory. You can even automate the memory defragment by turning it on in Settings window.

MemInfo is completely free, in both commercial or home use environment. It works on almost all Windows right from NT and is compatible with all available 64-bit editions.

If you really like the product, kindly consider supporting the developer team by tipping them through PayPal in their product page.



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