More Aero Glass Theme Gadgets for Your Windows 7


A few weeks ago we’ve covered 3 aero theme applications that are transparent now there are 14 more gadgets you can download that are also glass effect transparent.

This is what you get :
calendar : resizable desktop calendar
clock : analogue desktop clock
control : shutdown, restart or lock your pc from the desktop
cpu : monitor the cpu and ram load of your rig
email : check your pop3 account for new mail
netbars : monitor your bandwidth usage through a graphical bar
netstats : monitor your bandwidth usage through textual info
notescolour : coloured postit notes
noteswhite : white postit notes
onedrive : monitor free space for any drive on your pc
radio : listen live to DI or SKY fm streams, or add streams yourself
recyclebin : with spinning recycle icon when full
stats : shows online/offline state, uptime, localIP, date, wifi strength, battery status
weather : shows current weather conditions + a 5 day weather forcast in the flyout

glass gadgets thumb - More Aero Glass Theme Gadgets for Your Windows 7

100% pure glass gadgets, work with any wallpaper, like a true chameleon they change color to match whatever wallpaper you throw at them.

Download here

[via into Windows]


  1. ahhhh a lot of these gadgets have bugs. i just restarted my computer and the netstat gadget is all kinds of messed up. one of my gadgets is saying my uptime is -678. these look cool but if theyre functionality is this questionable then you shouldnt bother downloading them.

  2. i’ve had my pure for a week now and i nonetheless dont know what to do… like altering the message alert tone to no matter i want it not simply the fundamental ones on the phone… every thing about this phone is complicating.. i additionally needed to alter to that android software program as a result of windows is simply too sluggish and someone please assist me how to do that


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