Mouse Without Borders Makes You Control Up to 4 Computers from a Single Mouse/Keyboard


When it comes to sharing one set of mouse/keyboard to control 2 or more computers, the first thing you might think is to use those KVM switches. Yes, that’s quite outdated. A while back, we shared a freeware called Synergy that lets you easily share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers without a special hardware required. But it seems that Synergy is no longer free. It charges $10 for a basic version and $29 for Pro.

Now, here is an even better one, Mouse Without Board, a nice name indeed.


Brought to you by The Garage, Mouse Without Board is one of the few projects that made to the public as the free tool, a wonderfully useful one.

What is Mouse Without Board and what can it do for us?

In a nutshell, it allows you to reach across your PC’s as if they were part of one single desktop. Basically,

  • It controls up to 4 computers in the same network from one set of keyboard & mouse.
  • Copy & Paste file across all controlled computer.
  • More, it supports Drag & Drop of files.
  • Easily lock or log into all of controlled computers at one time.
  • Share screen captures from one PC to another.

That’s quite powerful.

Where to get this?

You can download the installation file from this link. Currently, it’s on version 2.1.2.


Follow the wizard, the installation will be done just in a few seconds with a Thank-you splash.



The configuration starts automatically right after the installation process is finished.


Click Yes if you have already had Mouse Without Board installed on another computer. Or, click No, which assigns you a security code for other to connect.

If you clicked Yes, type in the Security Code and Computer Name that you can get from the other computer. Then a few moments later, you are ready to rock.



There are more settings you can adjust from the Settings window in the program, e.g. the layout of the screen, keyboard shortcuts, etc. For example, turning on Two Row option makes the monitor arrangement to something like below. You can stack one monitor on top of another, instead of being side by side.

Download Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders from Official Microsoft Download - 2015-05-06 11_14_09

You can also share clipboard between two computers that lets you transfer files through a simple copy and paste action.

Screenshots - desktop - 2015-05-06 12_16_47

Awesome, but…

The only drawback of Mouse with Board is that it doesn’t support Mac and Linux at the moment. Maybe it will in the future but I doubt it. Other than that, unless you have Mac and/or Linux machines mixed up in your office, you should definitely use this tool to team up all your Windows computers without any extra hardware required.



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