Norton Power Eraser


Norton Power Eraser is a portable free virus scan program from Symantec. Claimed to eliminates deeply embedded crimeware, it uses aggressive methods to scan and detect those bad bugs that traditional virus scanning tool don’t always pick up.

Particularly, it can be used when your Windows is infected and won’t load properly because of it. Simply boot to safe mode, if still possible, and run Norton Power Eraser (NPE) to clean it up. Or, boot to WinPE and run it from there, if safe mode doesn’t get you anywhere.

Because it’s portable, you can download it from NPE’s home page and directly run it.

image thumb8 - Norton Power Eraser

Take look the settings before running the scan, you would notice that the Rootkit Scan is turned on by default. The computer will be restarted once you start the scan. It’s recommended leaving the option on so that those hard-to-detected rootkits can be scanned and found.

image thumb9 - Norton Power Eraser

The scanning process starts right after the computer restarts and logged in.

image thumb10 - Norton Power Eraser

Luckily, my computer is clean and risk free.

image thumb11 - Norton Power Eraser

It’s also worth noting that because NPE uses aggressive scan method, there is a risk that it can detect some legitimate software for removal.

Norton Power Eraser looks a good candidate to your toolbox. It’s never enough having an extra weapon in your pocket when bad thing happens.




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