Organizing Your Windows 7 Desktop Has Never Been Easier with Fences


Fences, is a freeware desktop tweaking tool that primary helps you to organize your desktop’s folder and icon into groups. You can easily re-arrange your desktop’s appearance, with Fences by simply drag and drop your icons and folders into “fences”.

If a picture worth a thousands words, then a video would worth thousands pictures. (See action in video below)

Like how it works ? You can download Fences here. Simply install the application and when it first launch it will ask you if you want to create your own “fence” or use the build in preset.

Start Arranging Fence


If your are new to this tweaking tool. Go ahead pick the first choice, you can’t go wrong from there.


From here on it’s really depend on how you would like to customize your desktop, if you have many icons and folders it would be nice to start “Sort out my icons” other wise you can start drag and drop your folders and icons into the 2 empty fences that it created for you.


Fences also comes with few build-in presets that would allow you to adjust and change the fences on your desktop easily.

If you wish to hide all the fences, just double click (left) any empty space on your Desktop and Fences will automatically animate out all your fences and show your desktop immediately. Double click again to bring up your desktop.

To Create new Fence


If you need more Fence, just right click drag a selection on your desktop, up on releasing your right click you will see this option to let you “Create new Fence here” click to enter the name of your new fence.

Final Look


To finish off, here is what my desktop looks like 🙂 If you are wondering the desktop wallpaper you can get your own Windows 7 Wallpaper Calendar here.

Happy fencing !



  1. Is it me? or it really reminds me of windows/icon management in windows 3.1?
    It’s just prettier and it has transparency.
    I guess it was due for a comeback anyway.

  2. to the person who made this site,

    Thank You.

    i’ve been looking everywhere for a place where i can get the most out of my windows 7.

    Thank You.


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