Paste in Plain Text Natively in Windows 11


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Back in Windows 7 days, I have this little awesome tool called PureText that basically let me paste almost anything in plain text on any application. It’s my universal plain text paster. And I’ve been using it not on Windows 7 but Windows 10 as well.

Well, I won’t need it anymore on Windows 11, or after the next feature update on my Windows 10. That’s because the plain text feature is coming with Clipboard History.

Here is how to use it to paste anything in Plain Text.

Press Win + V, click the triple dots next to the content you want to paste.

image 4 - Paste in Plain Text Natively in Windows 11

And click the Paste as Text icon next to the trash bin.

image 5 - Paste in Plain Text Natively in Windows 11

Whatever the formatting that comes with the text will be stripped off from this point.

And because the feature is part of the clipboard history you can basically use it on any application so you don’t have to remember the keyboard shortcuts that let you paste plain text in browsers or Office apps.

While we are at the new clipboard history, have you noticed some additional gems that have been added to the tool?

That’s right, you can paste in modern emojis, classic text emojis, live gifs, and even some special characters right from the same clipboard history popup window. That’s going to be a quite fun and convenient way to be pasting anything.

image 6 - Paste in Plain Text Natively in Windows 11


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