PC Monitor Monitors Your Windows System from Virtually Anywhere


imageWith smartphones growing wildly, a lot of things that were impossible before become real all of sudden. Monitoring PCs remotely from your Palm is just one of them. And that PC Monitor is one of apps there that can achieve that quite beautifully. PC Monitor is an innovative solution that monitors and manages your computers using a securely encrypted mobile app that gives you total control of PC’s from virtually anywhere. It supports almost all major platforms currently on the market, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

How does it work exactly?

Basically, to monitor a PC through the program, a small agent needs to be installed on that PC and runs as a service that automatically starts during the boot. This little agent collects the information about your PC and sends them off to the remote server. The remote user monitors your PC from the mobile app that connects to the remote server to get all the information instantaneously.

To start

1. You need to register an account with PC Monitor, which is free, to get access to the control console. 2. Download and install the agent onto the PC that you intent to monitor. 3. Put in the credential so that the PC can be registered in the right account. 4. And you are all set. Note that the agent is typically a set-and-forget little program that runs behind the scene but also provides the owner of the PC some control over to the things they may not want to give, including remote commands and types of the notifications. image

To monitor through the web browser

Simply go to my.mobilepcmonitor.com, sign in with your own credential, you are off to go. The web portal is an Adobe-Flash based application so you need the flash add-on in your browser to be able to see it. image

To monitor through your mobile device

Install the proper mobile app on to your mobile device first, the apps are all free of charge, and can be found on the respective app store based on which platform you are looking for. Once the app is installed, sign in with your own credential and you are good to go. IMG_4004

What else I can do other than monitoring?

On both browser and mobile, you can also Open and Run DOS commands through the command prompt window inside the app. image You can also send a few remote commands to logoff, shutdown, restart, hibernate, power off, or Suspend the monitored PC. image On mobile, if the mobile is on the same network as the monitored PC, you can wake it up right from the mobile device, which comes quite handy sometime. IMG_4003

What about the business network environment?

It may not be a good idea sending off all your PC information inside your corporate network off to a server you don’t even know where it sits. But rest assured that PC Monitor offers an Enterprise Server that you can get and install in your own territory so that no information gets out of the boundary. And of course, the enterprise server version will cost you a bit money, $1425US for 100 computers. The agent remains the same whether connects to the cloud or a dedicated server. All you need to change is to specify whether a dedicated server will be used in the Account Settings. The same setting can also be found and set on your mobile devices as well. Obviously, in order to get connect to your dedicated server instead of a cloud server, you need to open the ports on your firewall to allow the mobile device to connect from outside.



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