Schirmfoto to Make Screenshots Easier


Schirmfoto is another free screen capture tool that enhances the limited built-in Windows screen capture capability while still making the job painless easy and intuitive. It’s a new tool just released lately by Ablesoft, the same guys who made the SSD Fresh which we covered here not long ago.

The screenshot tool has a number of interesting features,some of which look indeed very helpful for your day-to-day screen capture needs.

First, it integrates itself with your Windows application by adding a new button in the title bar of each window. Simply clicking it quickly creates a screenshot for you.

schirmfoto top thumb - Schirmfoto to Make Screenshots Easier

The main screen pops open after each screenshot is taken, with advanced editing tools available for further editing, e.g. cropping, inserting Text, highlighting, inserting drawings, etc.. The edited screenshots can then be sent to clipboard, or be saved as PNG, JPEG, or even PDF files, or be printed directly.

Schirmfoto screenshot  1 thumb - Schirmfoto to Make Screenshots Easier

The screenshot can even be uploaded to Ablesoft’s cloud space directly from the application. or, if you want, can be shared through social media, Twitter and Facebook, and email. Even the tool like screencapturing can be as social as we want it.

Schirmfoto screenshot  2 thumb - Schirmfoto to Make Screenshots Easier

You can use the tool to take 3 different type of screenshots, 1) full desktop, or 2) active window through the button on the title bar, or 3) the rectangle area of your choice on the screen. And you can launch either of the screen capturing mode by right-clicking the tool from the system tray.

Schirmfoto screenshot  3 thumb - Schirmfoto to Make Screenshots Easier

The Prnt Scrn key can be integrated directly into the tool to quickly taking a full desktop screenshot. But the only missing piece which I actually use the most is the hotkey to launch the mode 3 to capture a screen size of my own choice. It’s vital to me to use the hotkey rather the mouse click to fire up the screenshot because often time I need to capture the screen with the right click context menu.

Schirmfoto works on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit editions. It’s free but it does ask for a small tip throughout the use of the program, which may annoy you for a long run. However, if you find the tool useful, a small tip of $10 shouldn’t be a big deal to most of us, should it? It’s worth noting that the feature of exporting to PDF is only available in Pro version which costs $13.59 in CAD.



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