See A Log of What’s Happened on Your Computer with LastActivityView


LastActivityView is another cool free portable system utility from NirSoft. What it does is to collect information from various sources from your Windows system and to display a log of actions happened on your computer. If the information is never been cleared out on the sources, the information collected and displayed in LastActivityView can traced back to the day you first used your computer. It could be a very good tool to use when studying the history of the computer is needed to better analysis the problem you’ve been having.

LastActivityView 2013 08 16 13 22 38 - See A Log of What's Happened on Your Computer with LastActivityView
LastActivityView by NirSoft

There are a lot of types of activities displayed by LastActivityView, including:

  • Running .exe file,
  • Opening open/save dialog-box,
  • Opening file/folder from Explorer or other software,
  • software installation,
  • system shutdown/start,
  • application or system crash,
  • network connection/disconnection,
  • Blue screen,
  • User logon/off time,
  • Restore point, and
  • many more…

You can also easily export this information into a file in a varity of formats, CSV, tab-delimited, XML, or HTML. You can also copy them into your clipboard and paste into a Word or Excel program.

LastActivityView collects information from various sources, including Registry, Event Log files, the PreFetch folder, the MiniDump folder, and etc.. So to make sure the tool to produce a complete list of what’s happened in the past, it would be a good idea not cleaning up these log files from these places too often.

LastActivityView is complete free, and portable. It works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported. Just like many other NirSoft tools, it also comes with a command-line with options that directly saves the results in a file. Good to run as a scheduled task to keep another copy of log history.

You can download the tool directly for NirSoft’s LastActivityView page.



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