ShareMouse Shares Keyboard and Mouse Between Windows and Mac OSX


We have covered a couple of nice keyboard-mouse sharing tools before, Synergy and more lately the Mouse Without Board. ShareMouse is another feature rich tool that shares one set of keyboard and mouse across multiple computers on the same network. Not like Mouse Without Board that only works between Windows systems, ShareMouse also works on a hybrid network that contains both Windows and Mac OSX systems. There is also no limitation how many computers and monitors are going to sharing.

ShareMouse is a completely free tool that also offers a portable version for both Windows and Mac, which comes very handy. It works fine on all form factors that run either Windows XP/Vista/7, both 32-bit and 64-bit, or Mac OSX Snow Leopard/Lion.

One of the beauty of this tool is its configuration-free monitor layout sensing feature. It effortlessly detects any of the computers that have ShareMouse running and automatically senses what the monitor layout would be. All happens without any user’s interactive. But, make sure don’t run the tool on the computers that are not in the same room at the same time. Or, you may interference with other people’s computer.

image thumb147 - ShareMouse Shares Keyboard and Mouse Between Windows and Mac OSX

The Auto-diming feature on any of the inactive monitors is also useful to remind you which computer and monitor you are controlling. But if you don’t like it, you can turn it off by scrolling the dim bar all the way to the left in the setting window.

image thumb148 - ShareMouse Shares Keyboard and Mouse Between Windows and Mac OSX

What about file sharing between the computers? And here comes an unique feature that doesn’t exist in either Synergy or Mouse Without Board. You can drag & drop any files from one computer to another with a progress bar and speedometer showing progress during the large file transmission. While dragging & dropping becomes a nature way of moving files, this feature brings the same seamless feeling while working on both computers simultaneously.

ShareMouse can also share the clipboard between multiple computers. And it works almost flawlessly. However, I did encounter an issue when trying to share the screenshots between the computers.

Overall, ShareMouse is another great candidate if you are seeking a keyboard-mouse sharing tool that is free, work for both Windows and Mac. But note that ShareMouse doesn’t work with any form of Linux at the moment, nor Apple iPad and Android Tablets.


  1. The trouble with ShareMouse is it’s tendency to lose the cursor and just flat lock up both computers. Even when they are not under any CPU load. Synergy rarely locks up, but it doesn’t have the handy file copy feature. The search continues for an affordable keyboard sharing program that has both features and stability.

    • Losing cursor rather is network connection quality related. You can now configure ShareMouse v2 to use a specific network adapter (See network settings). You may try to prefer Ethernet as it is more stable than WLAN. Hope this helps.


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