Sharing Your Screen Instantly with screenleap


Screenleap is a free screen sharing web service that allows you to instantly share your screen with someone you trust. The sharing is totally web based and can be done through any of the web browser that supports Java (not JavaScript), whether it’s on a tablet, or Windows PC, or Mac, or SmartPhone. There is no download or setup or account sign up required. Free of charge for any of you to use as well, no string attached.

To start a sharing:

Go to Screenleap website, and click on the big green button “Share your screen now”.

image thumb67 - Sharing Your Screen Instantly with screenleap

If Java is already installed, a prompt will pop up asking the permission to run the app. Once it’s run, your screen instantly becomes visible, with information similar like below how to let others to view your screen. You can share them with other party either through phone or via an email.

image thumb68 - Sharing Your Screen Instantly with screenleap

A Screenleap window also shows up on the shared screen indicating that your screen is shared with the option of pausing or stopping the sharing. You can also choose to share entire screen or the inside of a rectangle.

image thumb69 - Sharing Your Screen Instantly with screenleap

To join a screen.

They can either type in the link to their browser to instantly view your screen. Or go to screenleap website, punch in the share code at the top right of the screen to join a screen.

According to their website, you can use the service to view your computer from any devices including iPhone, and iPad. But unless I am not aware, I don’t think you can install Java on a non-jailbroken iOS device.


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