Shutting Down Windows 8


It seems weird why shutting down a Windows deserves a blog post but really, during the time I am fiddling around the new Windows 8, I find myself have difficult time locating an obvious place to shut down my computer. The shutdown place hiding is because Microsoft’s new approach on fast boot time? But regardless, here are a few place where you can execute.

Shutting down from the Setting Charm

Press Win+I to slide out the Setting Charm, click on the Power icon at the right bottom in the Charm, then you get to either Sleep, or Shutdown, or Restart.


Shutting Down from the Command Line with the option Fully Shutdown

Press Win+R to bring up the Run dialog box,

To shutdown the computer, type in

shutdown /s

To restart the computer, type in

shutdown /r

To fully shutdown the computer, type in, which is new in Windows 8,

shutdown /s /full

Wait, what’s the difference between shutdown and full shutdown? That’s because to make the boot time faster, Windows 8 saves the session in hibernation mode during the normal shutdown. A fully shutdown sometimes is needed when adding new hardware.

Obviously, the easiest and quest way is swipe out the Setting Charm if you have the touch screen or Win+I to bring it out if you don’t, and go shutdown from there.

Oh, by the way, the old fashion of Ctrl+Alt+Del also helps. Just look for the power icon at the right bottom corner.



    • Other than killing it from the task manager I couldn’t think of anything else. But if the status of suspend is truly meaning what it is, you don’t need to shut it down that often. Same on iPhone, I rarely need to kill the apps that are running background.



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