SkyDrive Desktop App Gets Updated with A Better Sync Status Window


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Today, the new version of SkyDrive for Windows Desktop (version 16.4.6003.0710) is quietly loaded up on most of our computers that has SkyDrive previously installed, without us even acknowledging it. Quite sneakily, I would say. You can only notice the difference from the look of the new icon in the system tray.

The new version of SkyDrive comes with a lot of improvements that involves performance, reliability, and compatibility. To most of us, the most obvious change is the status window that pops up from the system tray when you click the SkyDrive icon in the System Tray. When everything is cool and quiet, it says like this.

SkyDrive Status Window Good

And when the sync is still in the process, you will notice the details from this new status window that tells you the number of MB and files remaining to sync.

SkyDrive Status Window in progress

A “Report a problem” option is now added in the context menu from Help menu to make your life easier to identify and report issues you ever have with the SkyDrive.

Microsoft also redesigned the logo of SkyDrive to replace the font with the Segoe UI, a default font used in Metro Style, to deliver a more consistent experience across all their products. This somehow makes sense, since Metro has slowly become the new official language for Microsoft, since Windows Phone 7 evolved.

On Windows 8, if you search SkyDrive on Windows Store, you will now notice that both Desktop and Metro app are listed. However, with Desktop version, though it’s listed, you will be asked to redirect to the developer’s website to download the app. Not sure this new “Go to developer’s website” is the new approach Microsoft will be doing down the road. To me, it seems to be a good way of allowing more developers and software vendors to jump on board with the new adventure this Windows 8 will be leading to. The more developers getting involved, the better.

SkyDrive Desktop on Windows Store



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