Smart Defrag 3 – A Free Disk Defragmenter That Also Defrags Apps in Windows 8.1


Smart Defrag 3, developed by IObit, is a free, light-weighted disk defragment utility designed for boosting hard drive performance. With the latest disk defrag engine and the new “Boot Time Disk Defrag” technology. Smart Defrag 3 not only provides defragmentation, like any typical disk defragmenter can do, but also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency, thus accelerating disk speed for faster data access. It smartly clean up the junk files before defragmentation kicks in to save more disk space for you.

It comes with a quick clean and nice designed user interface, with the list of scanned hard drives listed above and the detail defragment options at the bottom. It even comes with 3 predefined theme for you to choose from, classic, black, or white. The black theme, which is set by default, does look pretty fancy.

Smart Defrag 3 - State

Select the hard drives listed at the top, and then browse through the different tabs below for different defragment features. The State tab displays the current selected disk’s defragment status. The more red blocks you see, the more fragment your disk is. For this particular disk listed above, I do really need to run the defragment to get the better performance out of it.

The Automatic Defrag tab shows the status of the automatic defragment. If enabled, it will automatically defrag your select disks on the go. I am not sure if it’s a good idea or not having a disk defragment running non-stop automatically. Maybe, but I probably will still leave it manually and run it when really needed.

Smart Defrag 3 - automatic defrag

The Boot Time Defrag optimizes the boot performance by defraging page files, hibernation files, or even Master File Table, when it’s enabled. You can see the detail history and status how it goes in Boot Time Defrag tab.

Smart Defrag 3 - boot time defrag

What’s more interesting is that this free disk defragment tool can also defrag Windows 8 Apps to improve its performance in Windows 8.1. How good is it? I have to idea and can’t really test it out because I am running my Windows 8.1 on SSD.

Smart Defrag 3 - metro apps


Let’s make it clear first that if you are running Windows 8.1 off a SSD drive, don’t bother. You don’t need any defragment tools to improve your already superb disk performance. Period. And this Smart Defrag 3 is being honest about this too that when you select a disk that is SSD, it will state clear that you don’t need to use it.

Smart Defrag 3 - SSD warnning

However, if not, Smart Defrag 3 is a nice tool addition to Windows buuilt-in disk defragment tool. Its interesting Boot Time Defrag as well as Metro App Defrag might be a performance boost to you.


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